April 28, 2009

How to make a bamboo vessel sink for under $50

I remodeled my bathroom earlier this year and made the sink. Now almost 5 months later, the sink is still in excellent shape. So now that I have proven its stability to a certain extent, here is a tutorial so you can make one for your own DIY remodel.

1. Get a bowl like this one, ($20 at World Market). Don't pick anything out that is too shallow (less than 6'' deep) or that is flat at the bottom.

2. Use a 1 5/8'' (check drain pipe, I think that's right) hole saw bit in a drill and slowly, carefully, steadily cut a hole in the bottom center of the bowl.

3. Get a drain ($8) from the hardware store and try to fit it through the hole. You may need to use a file to widen the hole a little more. Make sure it is not too big, you want the drain to fit in snugly.

4. Get a small box of epoxy pour-on resin- $18. Usually at craft stores. Mix half of it exactly according to the instructions (do NOT screw this up) and slowly pour on inside edge of bowl. Hold the bowl by the bottom drain pipe and turn, allowing the resin to coat the inside. Apply resin to bottom half of bowl sparingly or with a brush, if there is too much it is going to run down the drain.

5. Allow to dry for a day in a cool, undisturbed place. Balance on bottom of pipe on a flat, covered surface. You might want to put something around the drain pipe base so it doesn't fall over for sure.

6. Check on it every chance you get while it is drying. A lot of the resin will run down the drain and make a puddle of stickiness at the end of the pipe. Clean this up and set on fresh surface every couple of hours.

7. When it is dry you can turn it over and do the same process to the outside of the bowl with the resin. I suggest brushing on the resin to make as thin a coat as possible, since the outside won't be exposed to much water. Since the bowl isn't flat, there will be a little bit of a "drip" effect when it dries, instead of a completely smooth finish. But it still works.

I decided to recess my sink into the counter by cutting a hole in it about 1'' less in diameter than the sink. Then just drop in the sink, hook it up, and caulk around the outer edge where the sink meets the counter.
I do not suggest using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals, it may scratch the resin. Vinegar works well to clean it.


  1. update - 2 years later - this sink is still in excellent condition. I have tenants living in this house now (just switched tenants last week so I got to go in and look) and the sink is just like when I first made it!

  2. One of the best ideas for today. I am so glad that I found this post. That bamboo vessel sink looks so stylish. I think I need to create on for my bathroom.

  3. Exactly the info I've been trying to find, to no avail! Thank you, thank you! Your sink looks gorgeous and I appreciate your posting an excellent how-to.

  4. Hello,

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  5. Your a Genius! Thank you....just what I"ve been looking for! Brilliant!

  6. My question is about the drain hole. Most sinks have a recessed hole so the drain screws flush with the bottom of sink rather than being raised at all ..where water won't drain fully, at base. I wouldn't be using a rubber washer (between drain piece and vessel) but instead would use plumber's putty for a snugger fit... ...wondering if this is what you did and if this made it flush close enough to work well. Thank you.