April 28, 2009

Moss Terrariums

After going to Ireland, I have become obsessed with moss! and sheep! So I made some terrariums in honor of the wonderful Irish roadside attractions. I will make some succulent ones this summer to commemorate the Albuquerque trip as well. These make me happy.

Here is my recipe for a moss terrarium:
Inside a clear glass container with a lid, include the following:

layer 1- 1/4'' layer of sand
layer 2- 1/2'' layer of gravel and/or pebbles (sterilized)
layer 3- 1/4'' layer of activated charcoal crushed into pieces (get at aquarium store or nursery) This layer will help to clean the air of the fumes caused when the organic materials begin to decompose.
layer 4- 1/2'' dried sphagnum peat moss to improve aeration, water drainage, and water retention. Also lowers pH of soil (moss likes acidic soil, around 6 - 6.5)
layer 5- 1'' or more of potting mix with added sand- Do not add any fertilizer to the potting mix.
layer 6- small (dwarf) plants, moss (bought mine on ebay from someone who digs it out of their back yard), lichen, and sterilized little natural landscape accents in the oven at 200 degrees for an hour or two to kill all bugs and diseases) Plant the moss by pressing it into the soil.

- When all plants are installed, carefully water slowly with distilled water in a spray bottle. No water should stand on the soil around the roots. DO NOT OVERWATER. If large water drops appear on the glass after 24 hrs, the container should be left open for a while, until any excess moisture evaporates.

- Put lid on container and place in bright but indirect light from a window. Do not keep in temperatures above 70 degrees F. Moss likes to be cool.

- If white fluffy mold starts to grow, clean it out and spray lightly with distilled water that has some lemon or lime juice in it. This worked for me!

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  1. wow i really love this!..im actually in Ireland trying to make one myself..there so pretty:)..really good tips here