September 23, 2009

New lip balms

Some more 100% natural lip balms inspired by nature's beautiful strangeness! I had several other flavors on the list but it got narrowed down to these 3. The Rosewood is my favorite simply because of the photo I took of it on my violin- I remember years of being in violin classes, I would be sitting, holding my violin while waiting- and smelling the wood of the scroll at the end- I don't really know what wood it is made of, but it was sooo good- and similar to rosewood.

Pine Cone is the most experimental and creative I have ever been with lip balm- I even brewed tea and cinnamon into it! no actual pinecones though- the sterilization process for that would be difficult.

This new lip balm base is one I made to be thick and buttery, not thin, sticky, or greasy. It does require your body heat to soften it enough to apply, but it's worth it!

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