February 19, 2010

Kittycat Papoose

I asked Tara (Polkadot Papoose) if she could make me a kitty papoose with faux fur that matched jaqk. She did, and it's awesome. I feel kind of bad because fur is so hard to sew through... I was hoping she could make a new store for kitty papooses but I'm not sure if she thinks that sounds like fun... but I guess not every cat would like this as much as Jaqk does, either. He loved our walk around the block yesterday, even though he looks pathetic in the pictures, I swear he liked it. Now that I see these photos, the cat ear hat is like one too many ridiculous things at once. I'm a doooooorrrrk


  1. That is *exactly* what I need for my cat!! He loves to sit on my shoulder, but he's too big, so I have to hold his butt, which makes it difficult to get things done! lol Am I correct in thinking that it's sort of a wraparound backpack type thing?

  2. I could totally use one of these for Robbie Cat.

  3. My hubby needs one for one of our boys who won't get off his lap when he needs to get up! Love the hat :)