June 20, 2010

Soy Candles with Natural Perfume

I have been making so many candles. Its harder than i thought, especially since I am experimenting with all kinds of different wicks and waxes and using things to fragrance them that no one else uses...
I'm not just putting lavender oil in them as a natural fragrance, I'm putting in oakmoss and jasmine wax and benzoin and juniper tar.... endless possibilities of strangeness and I just can't stop.
Running out of containers and hoping not to get burned out, no pun intended.
I have two more candles listed in my shop now - Moss and Ivy and Cabin Fever. These are both earthy and woodsy, in different ways. Moss and Ivy is the forest in the spring, Cabin Fever is the autumn. Both at the same time are nice too ;)

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