October 3, 2010

tribute to my bathroom

Within this blog i think i have remodeled a bathroom (in a house i no longer live in) and posted several others from my place now. A good bathroom is a luxury and I don't take it for granted. Kevin actually did all the work on the bathrooms here long before i moved in but heres some girlyness i added to the one downstairs by my studio.

 I made a candle inside a vintage glass bowl. Fancy huh?
This soap is from an Etsy shop called FuturePrimitive. It is the best soap in the world! Fragranced with high quality essential oils and full of cocoa butter. what. don't act like you don't get all excited over good soap too.

Kevin grows Holy Basil (Tulsi) every year in the garden. It is used in India for pretty much everything.


1 comment:

  1. wow!
    Thank you for showcasing my soap. It looks super good in your bathroom!
    I didn't know you had a blog...I've been really missing out here...
    Love it all, it's wonderful. The pictures are beautiful.
    Thanks again Jill
    Tiggy x