March 10, 2011

the Lunar Amulet

I love making perfume but everything that goes into a new one is pretty time consuming. Writing copy, setting up photo shoots, designing packaging and sourcing materials are all challenging things that I love to do, but creating the perfume itself is the heart of my artistic expression. I often spend a few weeks coming back to the same blend I am working on, making several different versions containing dozens of plant essences. But sometimes after making repeat batches of the same perfume it begins to feel like a "product" instead of my "artwork", which made me realize why visual artists usually offer limited editions of their prints. I wanted to do the same.

Ever since I began working in tandem with the moon, my self-employed life has become balanced, productive, and focused. I thought it would be perfect to create a new limited edition perfume throughout every moon cycle and then share it with others as a way to induce awareness of the lunar phases in their own life. This also gives me the freedom to share new blends easily for the strange and adventurous.

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