May 23, 2011

Packaging, Ceilings, Strangeness, Changes

I love photo shoot days. But not as much as the cat does.

It has been a long month- and although I love change, there are so many changes going on right now that it's wearing me out. We are moving everything in the house to renovate the apartment upstairs, as all the ceilings are cracked, torn, crumbling, and caving. century-old homes are like that.

Among the changes in my shop, a lot of new packaging will be rolling out over the next couple weeks. Fan-ceh!


  1. Good luck with the renovating! That has to be tough with such an older yet historic house.

    I really like the new logo for the fixative balm btw! Ooo and only 1 mini sample? That packaging is nice! You really do impress with your thoughtfulness! :)

  2. thank you Cindy! I am really excited about the new items/packaging, so much fun to make.

  3. I love you photos. Do you hire someone is it your work? I guess there is a lot photoshop work afterwards. I love how soft your background looks.