June 29, 2011

Zoe Jakes

I went to the Beats Antique show a couple months ago in Lawrence- finally got to see an Indigo tribe belly dancer~ Zoe Jakes is a freaking goddess! I wanted so badly to be a tribal fusion dancer about 5 years ago but after a few classes I realized this was really different from any other type of dancing I have learned, and that my torso is not nearly long enough to make it look good. You don't see any 5'2'' belly dance goddesses out there for a reason :)
So this video (and any other video) is not going to do the dancer any kind of justice because her movement is so fluid that the video frame rates and then further compression to post online completely destroy the subtleties that make this amazing to watch live. But here's a video from the show anyway...


  1. Wow that's crazy discipline! I wish I had the courage to attempt to learn something like that!

  2. Very modern and sexy. She does things with her stomach I've never seen other belly dancers do...

  3. Hi, its Robbie from GreenManNaturals. This post got me really excited because I've never known anyone who liked Beats Antique as much as I do!!! You have good taste! And don't give up on the bellydancing. It was hard for me too at first, but now I teach and perform in restaurants and even though I am an introvert too, it is one of the most fun things I do!