August 1, 2011

Fauna-Inspired Colognes

I chose these three animals for their diversity, mysterious nature, beauty, neutral gender associations, and emotional connotations.

There are many animals that have been attributed to men in the past (and women), from the Native American spirit animals, to the Pink Floyd album, to commonly used metaphors. I wanted to contribute to this concept in a new way with three animals that remind me of some of my favorite personalities, relationships, and male energies.

The deep oceanic undercurrents of the Sand Dollar.
The untamed hunter, Coyote.
The patiently earned trust of the Horse.

Over the last couple months, these three colognes have come together in the most beautiful way I could hope for. After settling on what I feel are my favorite blends that I have created yet, my friend Bill offered to illustrate the label designs. I was blown away by how perfectly he captured the mystery, understated yet ornate imagery, texture, sophistication, and timeless style that I try to incorporate into my line. And he did it better than I ever could, with the most subtle edges of a more masculine perspective. Michelle again printed them with her vintage press, and the detail is wonderful. It makes me so happy to collaborate with my insanely talented friends!


  1. Yes, Bill has it going on. Very nice illustrations. Goes well with your other stuff.

  2. Ahh these look great! This new line might have to be bought for zee bf. Lol!

  3. i LOVE these new colognes! I think it's time for my husband to switch to an all natural scent ;)

    i have your 'Astral Projection' oil and he loves when i wear it... it's his turn now!

  4. Incredible work - I mean it when I say I am finally going to order some new perfumes! I love your art, packaging and creations! Thanks for continuing to inspire*

  5. I think I'm gonna like this cologne. Is this cologne contains some human pheromones?

  6. Your nature-inspired scents are perfect! In my opinion, they are just what perfume/cologne should be (I've always wished I could smell like the forest!). I recently moved to KC - where can I find your products sold so I can smell/choose some?