October 1, 2011

Never tricks, Always treats ~ I Freaking Love October!

To celebrate my favorite month of the year, all orders over $50 from my shop will receive a free mini bag of my Witch Mix. It is a potpourri I hand-blended with spices, barks, and foliage, and then mixed in a warming blend of essential oils and plant extracts, including cedar, allspice, nutmeg, clove, spruce, oakmoss, amber, and anything else that struck me a few days ago when I was suddenly possessed to make this.

To use, simmer a few cups of water on the stove and pour in the witch mix to release this 100% natural home fragrance. You can simmer for up to a few hours but remember to check to make sure there is enough water remaining.


  1. That blend sounds amazing! i can only imagine how good it smells.
    A perfect way to celebrate October, which is my favourite month also.


  2. Hey that bowl looks familiar! Lovely!

  3. hahaa yes Wendy it came in very handy- thank you again!!

  4. Sounds wonderful, and I bet smells amazing!

  5. I got mine today! I don't have a stove at home but my mom does, so I'll enjoy that mix with her, as soon as possible! I'm sure it should go well with the music of a nice fire! So, thank you for that nice package! I'm totally fond of your aesthetic and of Decadance & Debauchery, and the absynthe lip balm in its tiny metal box is such a lovely lovely little precious thing! Go on with the good work!