January 20, 2012

Jan 2012 New Moon - Lunar Amulet Perfume

The way I work with perfume is different than I work with other mediums. I imagine the scent I want to create first, and then I make it happen. A lot of the time I am inspired by the complex bouquet of a place or object in my memory, and often I become excited by hearing friends and customers tell me the scent they have always wanted to capture. This is why I do custom perfumes- some people just have a need to express themselves through a scent that they have in their own imagination.

This lunar cycle, I wanted to capture a familiar and comforting scent. After all the strange and exotic essences I have explored, I realized I have not given enough attention to an amazing natural scent, due to its mainstream use: vanilla. It's just not strange. But I have come to appreciate the possibilities that surround it.

This perfume has sweet vanilla bourbon delicately enhanced by amber and resins. Touches of various woods and ambrette seed finish this subtle, understated, and sheer fragrance that truly melds with the skin. I have been in a quiet mood lately, and this perfume is the perfect expression of how I hope to stay in a low-key, reflective state during this lunar cycle. I hope the amulet wearers enjoy- and look forward to a much louder one in rebellion for the next cycle :)


  1. My necklace arrived safe and sound today. I'm so excited for Monday so I can begin the new cycle with my perfume. The scent is enchanting, very comforting.


  2. Looks like it has a nice scent to use about this perfume. Wish to own one. :)

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