January 14, 2012

Kitty Cat Field Trip ~ Cedar Cove

Did you know it is legal to have exotic animals as pets in Missouri? Isn't that insane?
We went to Cedar Cove a few weeks ago, where a variety of large cats reside- most are surrendered "pets" of individuals that were so brilliant to finally realize that they are unable to take care of their cat. I was a little worried on the way there but as we arrived (at feeding time) I approved. Yes, these cats are in cages but they do get to take turns running around on 11 acres of land. And they are fed animals that have been brought in from car accidents and sport hunters. I wish everyone in Kansas City knew about this, since there are a lot of deer accidents on roads here. It makes me feel so happy that they are able to be used for the good of these shipwrecked cats (who did seem very content). I know this photo is morbid but it made me happy to see this lion carry around and fondle the deer head, as if he believed it to be lucky, or a favorite toy.

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  1. I love that place. And that photo is made of win.