January 30, 2012

New Kitty, New Roommate, New Place, New Year

Onyx Sparrow~ my new kitty love. And some pillows I made with tie-dyed crushed velvet!  I have decided to move out of Kevin's apartment so he gets to keep this lovely sofa I found on craigslist. The kitty will surely come with me when I visit (Kevin's is only a block away from my new place).

I am so excited to be settled in and living with my new roomie, Leonor Jurado Laspina. She is an amazing artist and I hope we are able to collaborate this year on some spooky photo sessions. Here is some of her previous work. She prints these on paper that she makes from fibrous plants that she gathers, and I am enchanted by her experimentation with alternative photo processes.  (check out her website for more)

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