February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras

Last year I celebrated Mardi Gras in Kansas City - we have a bit of a renegade parade here, as you see Sandi and I in below:

This year I went with Kevin down to New Orleans (the week earlier) ~ here are two photo series from our trip.

This first set explores the texture, urban artifacts, and the extremely mixed architecture of New Orleans.

In this set, a summary of our experience during the pre-Mardi Gras week in 2012. More than any other US City, there is a unique culture here and a celebratory sense of pride that is very in-your-face. The art here is so gaudy! The people so extroverted! and the food so fattening! There was so much beauty in the city itself, and music filled everything except the swamp lands. Everywhere we went, the soul of this complexly-cultured city was alive despite the damage of Katrina.

photos Copyright 2012
Kevin McKinney & Jill McKeever


  1. These were great Jill! I would love to go back to NOLA some day soon

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! Makes me wanna road trip to warm and sunny New Orleans....