March 26, 2012

March 2012 New Moon - Lunar Amulet Perfume

I am sooo late on posting this! Even though I was early sending out the lunar amulet refills this month. Ok, I have to admit something- for the first time, I did not complete my own lunar ritual. I was supposed to have something very important finished before this new moon on the 22nd, and it simply did not manifest. I have been horribly thrown off-kilter by this, and can only hope that I get back on track with that moon!

So, I hope the amulet wearers are having a better time manifesting your intentions despite my bad example this month.

The perfume for this cycle is a blend with a distinct evolution. It begins with a lovely verveine that my friend Bettina brought back for me from France. I wanted to create a dramatic arc from the fresh verveine, highlighted with grapefruit and lavender, to the heart of spicy kaffir lime. Then after an hour, a new layer of precious woods, balsams, and musky undertones emerge. I explored the depths of botanical musk design this month, and am starting to develop a deeper appreciation for a deeply animalic and sensuous natural musk accord. This one begins sweet and feminine, then escalates to an energy that is quite masculine, then back to the drydown notes of something delicious.... maybe creme brulee.

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  1. I love that picture! Very nice. Wishing you the best for this cycle and looking forward to those candles.