April 18, 2012

Corporate.FM - what happened to radio?

Ok so I haven't posted a blog in a while. I haven't made any new perfumes in a while. But I promise I haven't been slacking off. Last weekend was the premiere of a project that I have worked on longer than any other to date.

In 2008, I began helping Kevin organize and edit footage, shoot interviews, and research the truth behind what happened to commercial radio. It all began when he reminded me about my favorite radio station as a teenager: 105.9 the LAZER, in Lawrence, KS. It was one of the main reasons Lawrence had an amazing music scene and culture, and it introduced me to great local bands as well as bands from other cities that later made it big due to the support they got from stations like the Lazer. We wanted to know why in the late 90's this and every other good commercial radio station suddenly switched their format to lame, predictable playlists that no one liked, and let go of their great staff. Everything became stale, voicetracked, and soulless across the dial.

The journey is finally over, and the questions have finally been answered. It is crazy what we discovered in the process about the path of destruction that radio took. We also worked to find a way to bring these stations back into local ownership so that they can be relevant to our society again.

Corporate.FM premiered last weekend at the Kansas City Film Fest, and won best documentary. More info at www.fmfilm.com


  1. Nice work! Any chance that I'll get to see it (New Orleans or anywhere in NW FL)?

  2. This looks very interesting. It is a topic that I've wondered about for a long time. My husband told me a similar story about his favourite station Y100 in Philadelphia. He said one morning he got up to go to work and when he turned the car on, instead of hearing alternative rock, he heard hip-hop. It literally happened overnight with no warning. It makes me sad. I look forward to seeing the film. I shared the trailer on my facebook page. Much success!

  3. Not sure when or where you will be able to see the film yet, but you can stay tuned on the Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/CorporateFmFilm