October 15, 2012

Happy New Moon! - Lunar Amulet for 10-15-12

Upon the waning of this moon, I fell ill, unable to go to the Rasputina show :(
It's ok... I have seen them plenty in the past, and I will again someday. At least I have a lovely perfume that I made ahead of time (I make the perfumes on the full moon so that I can have them packed and sent to the amulet wearers in time for the new moon).

This creation has a heart of tobacco and dusty woods tempered with amber and heightened with blood orange. The scent is a bit similar to Decadence and Debauchery, only with a more controlled, antique-shop style aura.

This perfume was inspired again by the lovely Rasputina. Instead of another song, I went for the mood of my favorite album, How We Quit the Forest.


  1. AW! poor deary! I love rasputina so much and I would have probably cried if I was too ill to attend a recital. :( get better!!

  2. This perfume is lovely--though the notes are similar to Decadence and Debauchery, the overall impression I get is a slightly sweeter/less musky version of the Limited-edition Black Cameo you had out one Valentine's Day. It reminds me of the scent of a Victorian's lady's drawer, where she might keep her little lace hankerchiefs with some old potpourri. I loved it as soon as I took off the wrapper...the last few scents, though beautiful, were a bit flowery, and at this time of the year I like these darker, more "antique" scents. Thanks, Jill!.....Veronica