December 4, 2012

Winter Kitty - 3rd Anniversary Extravaganza!

Four years ago, I began creating perfume blends based on scents that I wanted to capture of my life. After amassing a large collection of plant oils and extracts, I began experimenting with a scent that I wanted to so badly to recreate in a perfume; Winter Kitty. That cold-clean-fur-with-chimney-smoke-stuck-to-it smell. mmmmm

After a year of failed batches (some including "Summer Kitty", "BBQ Kitty" and "Feral Kitty"), I found a lovely balance of 22 essences that created a perfect alchemical result of "Winter Kitty". I had been trying to explain how important it was for me to make this perfume to friends and family over the course of that time, and yes they all thought and still think I was crazy. On the 2009 Winter Solstice it was finally finished and has been my best selling perfume ever since!

After many requests for more WK options, I am offering some limited edition gift sets of Winter Kitty-ness that include solid perfumes in compacts, tealights, votives, and a cameo cat necklace.



  1. Congrats on anniversary and good luck in your future adventures. :)

  2. Ah those are so beautiful! Happy anniversary.

  3. Your creative vision never fails to inspire me ~ fabulous.