March 13, 2013

Mercury Retrograde is OVER

During mercury's last retrograde period, I dropped my 17" MacBook Pro. Hard drive was destroyed without recovery. I lost 3 months of work that I had scheduled to back up on that same day. It took months to get everything back in order, at which point another retrograde struck and I dropped it AGAIN, just before leaving town. This time I smashed the screen, and I have been putting off doing anything about it for a week. But TODAY Mercury goes direct. Wish me luck...


  1. good luck !
    & try what i do ..
    use a pencil...

    a few cheap flash usb drives to use on a daily basis if necessary ..
    alot faster in the long run ...
    good luck hon'
    it's frustrating as all hell ...

  2. Wow, this exact same thing happened to me. First time I dropped it and destroyed the hard drive, lost a years worth of pictures and work, finally got everything redone, new pictures taken and then just a few weeks back I dropped it again!! Screen looks exactly like yours, been avoiding it all week haha - not a fun time. So glad the mercury retrograde is over!

    Good luck!! :)