April 10, 2013

4-10-13 Lunar Amulet Perfume - Seventh Tree

This perfume was inspired by one of my favorite albums of the last decade; Seventh Tree by Goldfrapp.  When it was first released I listened to it on my headphones while I worked in a soul-depleting office environment.  Seventh Tree had a delicate but warming quality to it which brought me to a place of calm.. as if I had walked far into the country, away from everything, and found a quiet place to live deep in the forest. This place is still in my mind, and I have been on the hunt for its physical manifestation. This sweet blend of Linden Blossom and Ylang Ylang nestled inside a base of Sandalwood and Orris Root create a comforting spring landscape.  Tangerine weaves in and out of the space before fading into the nest of innocent florals.

1 comment:

  1. the perfume sounds wonderful, I love the song and the video. Thank you for sharing. I have you on etsy.