June 19, 2013

Epstein's Hardware Store - the perfume

If you are visiting Kansas City and you want to find unique, vintage hardware and items from strange old warehouses, you MUST go to Epsteins. And if the scent of leather, wood, metal, cardboard, and ephemera intrigue you but you are unable to visit the store, try this inspired custom scent. This interpretive blend is made to evoke the 83 years of strangeness that is Epsteins! 

My friend Jori has made their website into almost as fun of an experience as visiting the store itself. The video above is a true smellovision, so be sure to watch it if you are lucky enough to grab one of these sample. Jori also packs the online orders and offers custom artwork on the outside of your package.... (these put my online orders to shame)

The scent is masculine in nature (if scent is to be given a gender) but as with most of my perfumes I consider it completely unisex. You can also pour the vial contents onto the leather scrap that it is held to, and place the leather in your car or tool chest or anywhere else that you would like to fill with the essence of Epstein's. 

There are only a limited number of these sample vials available from my website, so now is your chance to feed your curiosity :)


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