August 9, 2013

The New Single Note Solid Perfumes: Tuberose, Palo Santo, Frankincense & Cedar, Spruce, and Jasmine

I am so excited to have these out! Some of my favorite stones paired with some of my favorite single note plant essences in new lockets. Since these large stones have such a captivating presence, these lockets arrive with a chain because you are going to want to wear it. Every. Day.

I chose Frankincense & Cedar (ok technically it's a double note but they are co-distilled) for its extremely deep incense that surrounds your mind and transports you to an ancient civilization.

Jasmine is the king of flowers. It is really hard not to fall in love with its powerful hypnotic scent. It leads you, it uplifts you, and it is not at all subtle. I pour a highly concentrated blend of several varieties and types of extractions of Jasmine flowers to achieve this extremely full bodied single note. The locket requires about 2000 hand-picked-at-night tiny blossoms to scent the perfume inside, the compact 8000.

Spruce is deep and enchanting, dark and comforting. It is a very unisex scent, and I think men will want to try this one as well. I use a blend of white, blue, and black spruces, and depending on availability the amounts of each may vary. I can't wait to wear this in the winter.

Palo Santo is one that I have been excited about ever since I discovered a sustainable supplier for this essential oil. Palo Santo, "Holy Wood," is a scent that brings with it the shamanic rituals of South American natives.

Tuberose is the single note that I have been personally wearing for years. I do not use it in any of my perfumes because it is so difficult to blend with other scents and come out with anything better than just straight Tuberose! It is truly its own perfectly balanced earthy floral, and its my favorite flower.

Oval brass compacts are also available in all of the new single note scents.


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