December 4, 2013

10 New Perfumes created from Layers: Alchemy for Strange Women

I love layering perfume oils over the solids. Or even single notes with other solids. This past week I did an Instagram series of my favorite combos. If you happen to have any of these pairs at home, try them together! And leave a comment if you have discovered any other good pairings. 
These are my top 10 recommendations: 

Frankincense & Cedar + Winter Kitty = Solstice Incense (aka Frankinkitty)

Palo Santo + Bollywood = Exotic Spice Bouquet

Jasmine + Astral Projection = The Sweetest Dream

Decadence & Debauchery + Violin in the Attic = Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (OMD!)

Tuberose + Satin Corset = Sugar Plum Fairy 

Fireside Story + November in the Temperate Deciduous Forest = Autumn Bonfire

Nightshade Garden + Coyote = Spiced Citrus

Black Forest Cake + Horse = Ladies, what else could you possibly want?

Evergreen Mountain + Sand Dollar = Coastal Mountain

Blue Spruce + Moss & Ivy = Forest Equinox 


  1. Der Bye Bra Klebe-BH besteht aus selbstklebender Folie in
    Hufeisenform, welche es ermöglicht die Brustwarzen um einige
    Zentimeter nach oben zu positionieren

  2. My favourites are French Oakmoss+Violin in the Attic and London Fog+Antique Settee. Absolutely wonderful!

  3. Bollywood + November in the temperate deciduous forest. Should it be called "Temple in the forest" or "Glastonbury Thorn"? It evokes images of devotional inceses burning before those saucy deities in a ruined, moss covered temple deep in the jungle. On the other hand, it is reminiscent of the billowing clouds of incese burnt by the English Druids at solstice..... I can't decide.