February 28, 2014

Medicine Pouches with Black Sage Solid Perfume - A Wearable Smudge Wand

I  handmade each of these over the course of several long nights at home as a way to take a break from perfume and appreciate the meditative nature of working with leather. I love working on projects that are completely different from what I usually do because it adds more depth and consideration to everything else I make.

These black leather medicine pouches are limited edition amulets that I handmade to hold an antiqued silver finish perfume locket featuring a large black onyx stone. The black onyx is known to protect from negative energies, and here it protects the pure essences distilled from three varieties of sacred sages living inside the locket. This energetically cleansing natural solid perfume and anointing balm is captured in a base of beeswax and tinted with bamboo charcoal. 

There are six of these available, each cut from an up-cycled vintage leather skirt and detailed with charms of black bone, black onyx, black tourmaline, black rooster feather, and dark silver findings. 

The sage perfume is powerful, herbaceous, dark, and lovely to wear. It is like having a smokeless smudge wand to carry with you in times of reflection, energy cleansing, spirit cleansing, and meditation. 

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