April 10, 2015

GARDENIA Limited Edition locket refill batch - natural perfume

Many customers have asked me over the years if I could make a natural gardenia perfume, and I finally decided it was time. Since I moved back into my house in August I have been collecting house and yard plants like a crazy plant lady - and right now a  Gardenia is blooming in my kitchen waiting to be planted. I have immersed myself in the scent, noting the changes that take place from the moment each bloom opens to when it turns a darker ivory and withers. 
This is a limited edition batch, and although I may make more in the future I cannot be sure yet, so stock up while you can :)
The bright green opening commands your attention, leading into the clean white floral that decays into sweet honey undertones. 

I am very happy with how this turned out, as it is made from many botanical essences to emulate a single note perfume.

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