May 16, 2015

Lunar Amulet perfume for the 5-17-2015 New Moon: CARDAMOM

A lot of people ask me how I learned to make perfume, and I never really know how to begin explaining my process without going into details that make eyes glaze over. It is a lot like learning sound as a sound designer, studying every aspect of a single sound track and then studying how two completely different tracks combine, then three, and so on. Eventually you know how to best adjust each track so that they work well combined together without spending days (weeks, months) experimenting.

I do a lot of similar exercises with scent, and one of these is to take one essence and create a full blend that focuses on enhancing every aspect of that single note. With complex natural essences, it is easy to get lost in just one beautiful scent, and this is what I did with cardamom for this perfume. Fresh ginger, nutmeg, and coffee bean enhance the uplifting exotic spice aspect, with sandalwood, oakwood, and hazelnut grounding the gorgeous woodsy base. I wove sweet traces of neroli, osmanthus, vanilla, and mandarin into the heart, all "happy" notes to highlight the amazingly cheerful nature of cardamom. 

I love wearing this one, especially in the warn weather. It's perfect for late spring while not being predominantly floral. There are six leftover from this batch and they can be found in the limited edition section here. <3 a="">

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