May 31, 2016

Sweetgrass Perfume oil

After months of trying to figure out how to find the ingredient in London Fog that is no longer produced, I had to embrace the idea that I had to let go of my best selling perfume. I knew a lot of customers would be unhappy, because I know how hard it is to find a scent that is the perfect balance of sweet, creamy, soft, and uplifting. It was a very neutral scent that managed to smell great on just about everyone.
So I became determined to come up with a replacement. Several customers had been asking about sweetgrass scents, and I love burning the vanilla-like braids as incense at home. In the past couple years I had made limited edition"Bird's Nest" perfume and candles, which included a Sweetgrass accord that I developed, and at first I thought I would add Birds Nest to the lineup...but then Tara and I just started to obsess over the accord itself... and Tara convinced me to stick to the Sweetgrass scent alone. I love it even more than London Fog, and I really hope the perfumistas out there agree. ;)
 I also love the new perfume oil letterpress labels, with artwork by Kelly Louise Judd.


  1. I just recently discovered your scents and became particularly enamored with London Fog and was wondering why I couldn't find it anymore on your website. All I got was a sample and was hankering for more. I will now treasure this sample forever :) But now I will have to check out Sweetgrass, it sounds lovely!

  2. I like your blogs very much, I always do. And I am so excited to share this experience with your readers. I just recently tried Top Women Perfumes from and it was out of this world but this one that you mentioned is next on my list.