September 24, 2016

Energy Cleansing Hydrosol Smudge Kits

I came across these rare hydrosols and began using them in my home, but then I knew if I loved using these to enhance the good chi of my objects and surroundings, I should probably share :)
So I procured more and put this set together for others who have the sensitivity to pick up on the more subtle realm of the vibrational energies of plant life. 

Hydrosols are not like perfume, it is the distilled water that is produced alongside essential oils, and they are very subtle in their scent. I decided to combine these pure waters infused with earth with Palo Santo (wood), it's smoke (air), and a beeswax candle (fire) for a set that balances the elements.

This set contains a powerful healing combination of sacred plant hydrosols, palo santo wood incense, and a pure beeswax candle. To cleanse crystals, auras, and physical spaces of unwanted energies, burn the palo santo wood over the candle flame and allow the smoke to surround the space of objects. Follow with the energy clearing mist and focus on a renewed vibration.

There are still some of these kits left in the Limited Edition section


  1. Hi, there! Your products are exquisite and your Pine Cone and Clove lip balms are all I ever use anymore! I really hope it's not too presumptuous of me to make a suggestion, but I just wanted to say, if you ever decide to expand your range of lip balm scents, I would absolutely adore a mouth-friendly version of the Apple Cider solid perfume! And anything inspired by tea or liquor would be wonderful as well!