July 20, 2012

Lunar Amulet - July 18th 2012

I went to visit San Francisco again and -almost- forgot about the lunar amulets this month! Luckily, I have been working hard on some new perfumes for an upcoming line, so I had a new batch of a lovely mountain-inspired scent that I decided to send out instead of keeping it secret. I am in love with evergreens, high altitudes, and the serenity that the mountains have to offer. enjoy, and if you want more, I will have more of this available soon. I would love to have your feedback for my last minute tweaks. (and sorry about the late post)


  1. Oooh snazzy new blog theme. I've said it before but it can't really be said enough - I am *so* looking forward to not being nomadic anymore so I can get your monthly lunar amulets. You will still be doing them in a couple of years right?

    1. I hope I'm still doing them for a long time! I love making these :)

  2. Very excited about the new perfume line!

  3. Wow sounds gorgeous, cant wait for it to arrive.