August 17, 2012

Lunar Amulet for August 17, 2012

The perfume for this month's lunar amulet is Mimosa flower! This year Kansas City got ridiculously hot, and the mimosa tree on my street had very sad, burned up looking stubs instead of it's usual abundance of sweet pink fluffy blossoms.
Even though fruity scents are not usually my thing, I do love and miss the light, sweet perfume of this flower that I'm used to walking under every day. So I made this batch for selfish reasons. Enjoy. ;)


  1. This is a gorgeous scent! I've been enjoying my lunar amulet so much...three out of four scents so far have been flower-y, and although I'm not always a flower-y person, for some reason they have fit my moods and intentions (which have lately been about prosperity, happiness, growth, and positive thinking). Last month's scent was also nicely rendered, with a gorgeous green color and strong pine-scent. I look forward to each new moon!

  2. No more bath salts? They are so good!