October 4, 2013

Lunar Amulet Perfume for the October 4, 2013 New Moon: Renaissance

I made this perfume after a full day of galivanting at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. This tribute scent includes essences of handtooled leather, chainmaille, wood crafts, and beeswax candles in a bed of Bulgarian rose. This is a warm, dark scent that compliments the changing seasons while transporting you to the Renaissance era. There are a few of these locket refills left in the Limited Edition section of my Etsy shop for you midevil maidens.


  1. Oh, this sounds beyond lovely! I am just starting a new writing project, it is a "Domestic fantasy" story, and as many fantasy stories it is set in a medievalesque world, but it focuses on the home and hearth rather than castles and battlefields. This scent description precisely pinned down the feeling I want to evoke of those environments. Beeswax, leather, woodwork, rose... You have inspired me, so thank you! I am a bit cashstrapped at the moment or I would buy it immediately, but I hope this scent (or a similar incarnation of it) will reappear some time in the future!

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