September 3, 2013

Lunar Amulet for September 5th, 2013 New Moon: Pink Floyd "Echoes"

I finally got my turntable and old stereo set up again. That means lots of Pink Floyd vinyl spinning. One of my current favorites to listen to is Meddle, with the extremely long and amazing "Echoes" on it. I wanted to capture the psychedelic, melodic, melancholy nature of this gorgeous song. For a long time I have experimented with "sad" scents; something that feels like a long cry upon inhalation. I think this is my closest success so far. It is sublimely resinous throughout, opening with a sting of citrus and quickly softening to a sea of delicate florals and sweet woods.

 I made sure to make a few extras this time to list in the Limited Edition section of my Etsy shop, since I had a lot of disappointed people when there were no extra Labyrinth perfumes last month.


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