December 2, 2013

Lavender & Honeysuckle: Lunar Amulet perfume for the December 2, 2013 New Moon

Lavender & Honeysuckle is a sweet floral botanical perfume (which I rarely create) with deep honey undertones. This bright bouquet is accented with orange flower, ylang ylang, and jasmine and is anchored with a base of amber, beeswax, vetiver, and vanilla that holds to the skin after the flowers fade. Several varieties of lavender are blended to arrive at this delicate and feminine blend that stays close to the skin.

There are several extra from this batch available in the Limited Edition section of my Etsy shop. If you can't wait until Spring, this will hold you over.

I have also been blending my homemade recipe of organic Lavender & Honeysuckle tea! I made a batch of this last year and it was gone in like, seconds, so this time I'm making more. I will be including a tea sample in each order of this perfume refill, and they may end up in some other orders this month as well ;) 

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  1. Der Bye Bra Klebe-BH besteht aus selbstklebender Folie in
    Hufeisenform, welche es ermöglicht die Brustwarzen um einige
    Zentimeter nach oben zu positionieren