December 31, 2013

London Fog - Lunar Amulet Perfume for the 1-1-14 New Moon

Happy New Year AND New Moon! This is a very fresh start ;)

This moon I continued with the tea theme and made my favorite tea into a perfume: London Fog.
A London fog is a concoction of black tea leaves soaked in bergamot peel oil (Earl Gray), brewed in warm milk, and sweetened with a shot of vanilla. I cannot express my love for this beverage deeply enough- it gets me through the winter.

This scent is comforting, mellow, and addictive- I have found myself applying it obsessively. There are nine extra locket refills left from this batch in the limited edition section of my Etsy shop, and yes, I'm saving this recipe just in case I need to come back to it someday :)


  1. This is delicious! I love this scent--I, too, have been applying it obsessively. If you are an Earl grey fan (which I definitely AM), you'll love this. Veronica

  2. Der Bye Bra Klebe-BH besteht aus selbstklebender Folie in
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