November 22, 2014

New For Strange Women perfumes - Seven Strange Companion Blends

I am so excited that my new line of Strange Companion Blends are done and I am in love with these seven combos. I wanted to create something simple in composition yet decadent to wear. My other perfumes are so complex, often with 20+ essences in a single blend, and the packaging is also quite time consuming. Many customers had been asking for smaller sizes at a $20 price point. With some of my botanical essences costing over $400/oz, there were some limitations. But I didn't want the limitations to leave you any less thrilled with the result. So here are my favorites of many combos I played with, some are classic combos and some are strange and unique. Sometimes I throw out ideas if they aren't STRANGE enough but I am sometimes pulled to offer something like Coffee+Cocoa because its JUST SO GOOD. I won't deprive you of sensory brilliance for the sake of branding ;)

So here is the final lineup of Strange Companions. And I'm hoping to have samples available by January.

Tobacco + Leather - A classic masculine combination, the sweetness of tobacco leaf is darkened with a smooth, rich leather accord.

Seashell + Coconut - Thick, buttery coconut pulp is surrounded with a dark veil of dry, roasted seashells

Tangerine + Blossom - This pairs a sweet, delicate citrus with light tropical tree blossoms woven into a delightful yet fleeting blend.

Coffee + Cocoa - This gourmand blend brings the best of these two indulgences together, and if you think you are going to love it, you will.

Rock Rose + Oakwood - A blend that combines a sweet, ambery resinous essence with the warm embrace of the comforting oak.

Lavender + Geranium - A balance of two very strong feminine presences, the variety of each selected in this blend allows them to share a stage with elegance.

Palo Santo + Amyris - Palo Santo, the South American "Holy wood" with sweet overtones and a sharp, spicy heart, is tempered in this blend with a soft whisper of Amyris wood.

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