November 22, 2014

11-22-2014 New Moon - Lunar Amulet Perfume: Light of Patchouli

The New Moon can be rough~ I've been dealing with ghosts and headaches and sleeplessness and I'm ready for some waxing light already.

The good news is the lunar amulet subscribers have received their perfume of the new moon this week, which I like to call "Light of Patchouli" because it is full of sweet, happy, punchy patchouli- fresh patchouli and 40-year aged, light patchouli, dark patchouli, its all in there. Some fruits, resins, and woods are added in to smooth out the bite that patchouli often has. I felt this was a time of year when I needed an extra reminder to wake up, and maybe you did too.

I will have a few extras of these added to the Limited Edition section of my Etsy shop soon.

1 comment:

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