September 13, 2015

Lunar Amulet Perfume for the 9-13-15 New Moon: Holy Basil

If you read my previous post, you will understand the importance of this moon's perfume. Holy Basil, also referred to as Tulsi, is a sacred herb and used widely in Ayurvedic medicine for its health benefits. One of these benefits is its adaptogenic properties, meaning it reduces stress hormones (cortisol), and helps our bodies stay calm when under stress.

This healing perfume features the dark and spicy comfort of Holy Basil, nestled in soft tree balsams and rose, also known for its stress reducing ability. The clove-like warmth of the Holy Basil makes it a wonderful autumn-transition scent, and is like a cup of hot tea upon inhalation. A deep base of Buddahwood, Rosewood, and Eaglewood create a meditative chord of tranquility.

There are some extra locket refills left over from this batch in the Limited Edition section of the web shop.

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